Google Will Apparently Replace Your Nexus 5 No Matter How You Broke It

Did you bust your Nexus 5 smartphone? Don’t sweat it—users are saying that the Play Store will send you a brand-new (refurbished) handset for free, no matter how you broke yours. Google hasn’t confirmed the offer just yet, but it seems legit.

This isn’t the first no-questions-asked smartphone replacement policy; Motorola and HTC both offer free replacements for certain damaged phones. And it’s likely that Google’s offer is a way to clear out the company’s stockpile of Nexus 5s, a device which has been on the market for nearly a year.

Still, it’s hard to argue with free, especially if you broke your Nexus in a fit of clumsiness and have nobody but yourself to blame. It seems to be region-specific, and the offer is limited to users who bought their phones through the Google Play Store. But if you’ve got a busted Nexus, it can’t hurt to give Google a call and see if you qualify—in the U.S., that number is (855) 836-3987. [Google+ via 9to5Google]